How to Overcome Lack of Motivation

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation-keyofmindset

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation?If you’re working toward a lofty dream, then hardships, ups, downs, and setbacks will surely come to your path. It’s common to lose motivation, and it happens to everyone. Let’s face it!

A life goal requires a persistent effort and a set of activities to stay motivated because magic wands do not exist. Nobody is motivated 24/7, but those who achieve the greatest success discover ways to remain motivated even in a very difficult and relaxed time.

Everyone experiences a lack of motivation in their lives; it does not uniquely come to you. We all get into slumps, but the difference is created by those who know the root cause of the lack of motivation and find ways to get back on track. That’s why if a splendid destination is waiting for you and you are facing a lack of motivation, then stick around this article.

Let’s jump toward a few tricks and mindset practices to last our motivation until we can reach our desired place.

What factors cause Lack of Motivation: Is motivation Work

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation-keyofmindset
  • Extrinsic motivations do not work for a long time. If your adults make your minds to complete a few tasks or do something, they may punish you if you cannot reach their expectations. But, later when you reach adulthood, they may not pressurize you with their decisions, so it will cause hard in finding motivation.
  • Your motivation will be weakened if you are a people-pleaser. You won’t have any drive left if you just get motivated to do things for other people.
  • A big to–do–list causes burnout and doesn’t encourage you to get them all done. So, it may cause alternatively procrastination and lack of motivation.
  • A lasting bad attitude, lack of commitment, and doubting yourself cause a lack of motivation.
  • Your motivation levels are influenced by the environment, those around you, how hungry you are, and more. Consider your surroundings with the people who have common goals with you.

Few mindset shifts will keep you motivated even when you want to give up

Add these mental adjustments to your toolbox, so you can overcome your lack of motivation and meet any task.

Recall the Reason of your start/ Why Are You Doing

When you feel like quitting, reflect on why you started this, and remember your first attempt. A compelling purpose will spur anyone to action when nothing seems feasible and they face a lack of motivation. Giving up is simple without burning desire, but giving up will never get you where you want to go. So, it is crucial to remember why you have started this.

Ask Yourself What You Want?

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation-keyofmindset

Ready to achieve something higher, mission-driven people always know exactly what they want. So, prime your mind for a more positive state by focusing on what you want. Also, make a clear vision because clarity in goals builds your belief and helps you gain more momentum towards your goal.

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation?Learn to Rest & Must Recharge Yourself

Success is not a sprint but a marathon. If you want to achieve success instantly without the following discipline, you will face burnout, which destroys your motivation.

Burnout, despair, and apathy will result if you believe you must work without rest each day. To achieve your goal, take some time to recharge. Success depends on knowing when to push forward and when to back off.

Growth Mindset for Lasting Motivation

People with a fixed mindset focus on basic characteristics, including talents, abilities, and intelligence. They look forward in their lives to discovering their abilities and what they can do with these abilities that are naturally gifted and unchangeable.

Unlike people with a growth mindset, who ask themselves what sort of personality they want to become, they know that nothing is unchangeable. A person with a growth mindset can create his talents and destiny by following his intrinsic motivation. That’s why a growth mindset is directly linked with lasting motivation. They live with the motivation to create themselves and their talents instead of finding themselves. So, make growth your mindset instead of fixed or rigid.

Create CAN DO Attitude instead of CAN’T DO!

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation-keyofmindset

The biggest reasons for lack of motivation are low self-confidence and fear of failure, so it’s time to burn these fears and let’s create a burning desire to keep us motivated throughout our big journey.

Focus on all positive attributes and accomplishments to power up your mental positivity to face a new challenge. Yes, make a list of your goals and jot down all the reason that can push you, that yes, you CAN DO IT!

This list will help you in times of lack of motivation because the more frequently you use this list to remember your goals. It will ingrain your thinking habits and help you stay positive and motivated.

Keep an Eye on the Prize!

It’s human nature that he resists change because change means you are moving out of your comfort zone. So, use the technique to compare your current situation in which you are and the future that will alter your present struggle. It will help you focus more on the reward of the coming time instead of losing focus and becoming less motivated. Remind yourself that nothing is impossible because this phrase itself speaks, I’m possible.

So, visualize your success in a time of lack of motivation because it is the best time to recharge you.

Top Tips on How to Overcome Lack of Motivation

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation-keyofmindset

Lack of motivation could happen to everyone but refuting from getting back on track creates a problem. That’s why here a few practical tricks are listed to overcome the lack of motivation. So, if you want to regain your motivation, follow these tips without any doubt because these will work.

Break your big to-Do-List into Small Actionable Chunks

To better control negative thoughts about the process, goal tasks can be divided into smaller sections that lead to the end result.

Incorporate your chores into your everyday routine as habits. Dividing your to-do list into manageable chunks is helpful to keep you motivated and inspired. Further, as you complete tasks, reward yourself with incentives.

Jot down Every Positive moment Each day Diary

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation-keyofmindset

A list of positive things that happen to you is a dose of motivation. Keep your list of positive moments and your daily diary of gratitude with you to set you back on track when you are struggling with a lack of motivation.

Praise Yourself for Each Task you Have Completed

Make sure to do something enjoyable for every difficult task you complete. Give yourself credit for accomplishing goals. Remember, humans, are not machines. We have to make mistakes because these prove that we are doing something in our lives instead of being stagnant. So, don’t lose motivation and hope in making mistakes, but credit yourself for doing things right each day.

Put yourself on priority: level up your well-being; level up motivation

Make taking care of yourself your top priority, and do whatever you believe will help you feel better. Give yourself time to yourself, go outside for a walk, focus on yourself and be kind to yourself. It is okay to get distracted because we are ingrained in mistakes, so show compassion for yourself and must argue your negative mindfulness and live.

Practice Mindfulness & Live in the Present Moment

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation-keyofmindset

A positive mindset works when you level up your positive mentality. And it is possible by practicing self-help and mindful techniques to make you more active and conscious in each situation, which increases your motivation.

Attend Helpful Events, Workshops, and Sessions

Remember, we, as humans, cannot do something alone; we need someone to boost our energy and motivation. It is true that extrinsic motivations do not last long. But sometimes, when the graph of growth mindset goes down, listen to an inspiring story by someone, like a podcast or trick by a successful person, and tips to stay stuck with a positive attitude. Listen to podcasts that present inspiring, uplifting stories.

Be in the company of people who are pursuing their own objectives and are willing to discuss their successes and setbacks with you.

Follow Intrinsic Motivation

The three elements, autonomy, mastery, and purpose are required to focus on your intrinsic motivation. So, always find a reason to do something that keeps you motivated even in difficult situation (when you feel lack of motivation or inspiration).

Belief Wholeheartedly In Your Mission

It is often said that passion vs. profession! Passion gives fuel and energy to perform actions for your goals. But it is only true when you have connected your big goal with your inner voice, your passion. Otherwise, you may need to compel yourself to get the extrinsic motivation to perform your tasks, so, try to block off an hour from each day and discover your passion.

Let’s Wrap Up

Ask yourself “How to Overcome Lack of Motivation” !Perseverance, patience, and confidence in oneself are necessary for long-term motivation. Remember, the world’s most successful people persisted during their most challenging times. Self-awareness and a clear sense of what you want and avoiding distractions are vital to achieving the goals we’ve decided are crucial for us.

Briefly, this life doesn’t welcome people with low self-esteem and self-confidence. Life gives opportunities to brave people who ask their obstacles yes, dear hardships, if you are hard, I am harder than you!


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